Chronicles of Hairnia

In recent years my hair has pretty much stayed within the zone of long layers and some shade of brunette, occasionally tossing in some bangs here and there.  But it was not always this way! I had about 10 years of every cut and colour you could imagine while going through some unfortunate raving and alternative phases.  I did this all with the help of some very creative and patient (due to my unrest and need to change every other week) hairdressers.

So, I thought it would be fun to share some bits of my Chronicles of Hairnia with you.  The funny thing is that this doesn’t even touch on the number of hair changes I had, because most of my hair changes happened pre digital cameras and pictures weren’t snapped as freely….yeah I am getting that old.  Should I ever find a picture of my Joan Jett hair, my smurf blue hair, or the hot pink with the ‘steps’ cut into my bangs, I will update the page some more.  Enjoy.



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4 responses to “Chronicles of Hairnia

  1. Nia

    Fun idea to display all your hair changes! You are very daring and creative 🙂

  2. i once had a hernia and boy, did it hu – oh…HAIRnia. never mind. but lovely hair anyway. continue…

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