5 Favourite Items for Spring 2012

Alright, let’s take a little break from hair and concentrate on what to wear with your lovely ‘do.  I have been window shopping lately and have found that the theme across the board is pretty much the same as the hair trends, which is feminine ease, pops of colour and understated sexiness.  I love the direction that fashion is going for the upcoming season and I can honestly say that I am relieved. This time last year I was struggling to find much that I liked in stores as it was all a little too granny 90’s chic for me, and this year I am seeing a far more modern take on classic cuts.

So, I would like to share with you 5 of my favourite items for Spring 2012.  I am a fairly curvy girl so these are all items that I feel comfortable in, but there are versions of each of them that are cut to flatter any body type.

1. Sheer Chiffon Top

This is probably one of my favourite items that I have invested in this year, as I have already bought about 4 versions.  The thing that I love about the Sheer Chiffon Top it has a nice flow away from the body to it so you don’t need to be as self conscious about those love handles and muffin tops, but you can still see the silhouette of the body with the sheerness of the shirt so it is not dowdy.  These tops are everywhere in stores in a variety of prints inlcuding floral, polka dots and animal.  If you want to opt for a solid colour, try out some of the season’s hot bold colours of orange or green.

BB Dakota - Moxie Flight Chiffon Top $61

Sparkle & Fade - Sleeveless Chiffon Shirt $49

Stitches - Floral Chiffon Top $14.99


2. Flouncy Shorts

I love that this style of shorts will be readily available for the spring and summer months this year.  As I mentioned before, I have some curve and most of it resides around my bottom half, so shorts are always a nightmare for me as they are not usually cut for my body type.  Flouncy shorts however have the flow of a skirt and a little more room for my ‘oomph’ and on the other end of the spectrum they can add a little more volume for those seeking a little more curve.  These will be available in bold colours, pastels and neutrals, so whatever tickles your fancy.

Forever 21 - Pleated Shorts $23.80

Kimchi - Blue Bow Short $49

Talula Babaton - Alvin Shorts $110


3. Denim Shirt

Majority of stores have some version of the denim shirt in their spring stock.  You can find a variety of styles and washes, and match it up with the flouncy shorts above or a pair of skinny cargos, and I would even encourage the Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim), just make sure that the denims contrast.

Zara - Denim Shirt $59.90

H&M - Denim shirt with Tie $34.95

Urban Renewal - Cold Shoulder Denim Shirt $49


4. Asymmetrical Skirt

There are a variety of asymmetrical skirts that are on the racks, but my favourtie is the style that I refer to as the ‘mullet skirt’, which is short in the front and long in the back.  You can find this style in dress form as well and in all of the lengths, minis, midis and maxis.  My favourite is the mini in front and having the back hit about mid calf, as I can still wear a mini but it is a bit more modest and I not worry about my lovely cellulite making an appearance in the back.  When I have been out and about lately I have mainly seen this style in neutrals, bright bold colours and lots of prints.

Zara - Asymmetric Chiffon Skirt $59.90

Silence & Noise - Asymmetrical Midi Skirt $59

Dorothy Perkins - Cream Bird Asymmetric Dress $55


5. Braided Sandals

In the past years there has been many versions of the braided sandal and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.  There are some really cute styles for this upcoming season and in everything from a flat, to a wedge to a heel.  And they will go perfectly with all of the items listed above.

Steve Madden - Pyramidd sandals $69.95

Born - Kaspin Wedges $145

Frye - Joy Huarache Sling $198


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