Hat Wishlist

One of my goals for the Spring & Summer seasons approaching us is to try and pull off wearing hats more.  Throughout winter months, I am always sporting beanies and the occasional felt fedora or cloche, but for some reason I stop once summer approaches. There are 2 reasons I want to start sporting them with sunnier months.  One is to protect the old skin from the sun as I have started to embrace my pale porcelain complexion in the recent years. And the Second reason is that I have a hard time getting my little guy to keep hats on his head, so I’m hoping to lead by example and he will follow.  Plus, what is easier than tossing on a hat on those days that your hair is being less than cooperative.

This is my hat wishlist.  My favourite is the HTC fedora.  Do you have any favourites for the upcoming sunny season?

Goorin Bros. Da Fraaanch Porkpie Hat - $54

Acapulco Raffia Shapeable Straw Cowboy Hat - $38

Eugenia Kim Marine Linen Flat Hat - $160

Goorin Bros. Eden Floppy Hat- $49

HTC Straw Sorbet Bandana Fedora - $245






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7 responses to “Hat Wishlist

  1. Nia

    Love the floppy hat and think you will look wonderful in it. I also think you will totally rock that rugged cowgirl hat.

  2. I love the eugenia kim sailor hat…………..super cute………..xx


  3. a borsolino fedora, my 3 are well worn, and very cool. taupe, brown, and black. nice hats those. i favor the pork pie.continue…

  4. I am in the market for a cute beret…not too French though haha! Thanks for sharing!!


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