Feeding Your Hair

I am hoping that absence make s the heart grow fonder (eep!).  I have been busy with other projects (which I will show you some of soon) and have neglected the blog terribly, but will get back on track here as I have a backlog of posts to edit and get up.

So today, I have some information on the benefits of nutrition and diet in regards to your hair.  Most of these foods are also know as ‘Super Foods’ and have so many benefits to your entire well-being, not just your hair.

Wild Salmon

High in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your scalp, Vitamins B and 12-produce red blood cells which carry oxygen to follicles.


Tons of protein, Vitamins B5, B12 & D, Sulfur which increases your circulation and can promote hair growth


Contains Lignans which have antioxidants that help hair texture and flexibility, also have omega 3 fatty acids


Has Protein, Iron, Zinc, Biotin (lack of Biotin can result in brittle hair), Folate, B6


Has Folate which replenish hair cells (folate deficiency can trigger hair loss and early greying), Iron, Magnesium and Zinc (prevents inflammation of hair follicles)

Olive Oil

Contains Polyphenols which control inflammation of the hair follicles (a concern as you get older)

Grain Fed Beef

Lots of Bio-Available Iron which boosts your immune system; poor immune systems can lead to hair loss.

Greek Yogurt

Have Probiotics “the good bacteria” which also boost your immune system


Lots of Biotin which can strengthen weak hair


Zinc (anti-inflammatory) and fatty acids (healthy scalp)

And just one last note, as many of you are probably starting ‘bikini diets’ for the summer; Extreme Dieting can lead your body to believe that you are malnourished and as a result hair loss can occur.  So do try to maintain a healthy balanced diet (try to use the foods above) and be sure to keep healthy fats in your diet such as avocado, almonds and olive oil.



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4 responses to “Feeding Your Hair

  1. Murika @ shinytimes

    Thank you for these tips! My hair is so super curly so I feel like it takes a year to grow an inch. I love all these foods. Definitely can be more intentional in eating them. Yum and yay.

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