5 Hair Trends for Fall 2012

I have been fairly absent from this page, but will try and be a little more regular.  I have been a bit busy crafting some jewelry, which you can find here The Mane Squeeze Etsy Shop

August is one of my favourite months as the season change of fashion occurs, which means you get to enjoy all the sales of Spring & Summer stock as well as see all of the new fall items come in.  I am loving the upcoming fashion for fall 2012, and these are 5 of my favourite hair trends that you will see (and hopefully try out).

1.  The Blunt Bang

I find over the past few years, this trend always seems to come around in the fall as women are usually craving a bit of change to match the turning of seasons and a strong bang is a good way to make a bold change without chopping all your locks off.  Plus bangs are annoying in the summer heat, so if you are toying with the idea at all, you are ready to go once it cools off.

Elie Saab

2.  Low Volume

The low volume look embraces a 70’s Boho vibe, and is fantastically low maintenance.  The best way to achieve this look is to firstly get a good cut with layers and make sure you keep your ends trimmed to avoid split ends (which can add volume).  You can squeeze the excess moisture out with a towel and let your hair air dry to help achieve this look.  If you do want to blowdry, make sure you blowdry downwards in the direction of the hair growth.


3.  Bouffant

The bouffant is being carried over from the Spring/Summer looks, but this version is a bit more relaxed and a little bit messy.  Make sure to use a good volume gel or mousse before blowdrying and use a nice round brush.  For the teasing portion, patience and sections will be your friend here for a strong hold bouffant.


4.  Tidy Pony

A tidy pony is a simple and sleek look, good for day or night.  This pretty ‘do can be a bit difficult to get perfect, so use a fine tooth comb and a serum to tame those stray hairs.  For an extra touch, take a section of hair and wrap it around the elastic.

Jil Sander

5. Ornate Hair Clips

Ornate hair clips will work great with the bouffant and low volume looks.  You will see lots on the shelves this fall, but if you really want to get creative, head down to Michaels and see what you can do with your own creations.



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  1. Great to see you back in action. Big fan of the low volume. 🙂

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