5 Makeup Trends for Fall 2012

To followup on the Hair trends for Fall 2012, I thought I would pop in some upcoming makeup trends as well.  Now, I am not the most makeup savvy individual.  I have my favourite items that I use daily, and that is about it.  But, I do have to say that I am a fan of some of the techniques coming up as they are simple and pretty, which is my favourite makeup application.

1. Bold Brows

Bold brows don’t mean that you should totally put your tweezers away, but you can use them significantly less.  I have always loved the bold brow because it showcases one’s natural beauty.  If you don’t have a lot to work with up there, just use a eyebrow pencil to fill in the blanks.

J Mendel

2. Beautiful Browns

I find that browns in makeup are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up and smoky or dressed down and natural. Anyone can pull browns off, the key is to match your skin tone and decide whether or not to go for cooler tones or warmer tones.


3. Geometric Eyeliner

Geometric Eyeliner is definitely one of the bolder looks for the upcoming season.  I love the 60’s mod vibe that it brings and if you are one that likes to make a statement, this is one technique for you to try out.


4. Deep Red Lips

I think I am drawn to the deep red lip as it is a look I sported for a good portion of the 90’s.  It draws attention to your beautiful kisser and invokes a sense of drama.  Let your lips be the star, and go minimal on other features.


5.  Fresh and Natural

This is by far one of my favourite looks, as I am always drawn to anything that lets a person’s natural beauty shine through.  Rosy cheeks, rosy lips, and a little mascara will complete this look.  And if it takes you more than 5 mins to apply, you are doing too much.

Michael Kors



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4 responses to “5 Makeup Trends for Fall 2012

  1. My favorite trend is definitely deep red lips! Love wearing a natural eye with a bold lip!

  2. c0sm3ticaddicti0n

    I just started being a bit bolder with my ‘smokey eye’ I’m very pale so the regular dark smokey eye is way too much. Brown shades however have let me pull off a smokey much easier than with darker colors. Cool to see it’s a trend for fall!

  3. Love the bold brow with the smokey eye, so dramatic!

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