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Salon Etiquette

When it comes to Salon Etiquette, I think that some people get a little confused or just really don’t even know.  So here are a few friendly tips to help you out.  Let me know if you have anything to add!

Be on time, a little early even.  When you show up late to an appointment you are not only inconveniencing the stylist but also the other clients that come in after you, because it has a tendency to have a domino effect.  If you do show up late and your stylist informs you that will have to reschedule, you need to respect that decision.  Ideally you want to show up a few minutes earlier, so that the assistants/reception can get you prepped. If you can not make it to your appointment, make sure you call the salon.  What you want to give is at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment, so that it gives the stylist the opportunity to fill that spot up.  And whatever you do, don’t no show!  It may not cost you anything to not show up, but it is money out of your stylist’s pocket.  If an emergency comes up and it is last-minute, give the salon a courtesy call and explain the situation so that the stylist can at least be open for a walk-in client.


Be honest about your hair history.  Don’t lie to your stylist about what chemicals you have used on your hair previous to your visit.  There is no need to be embarrassed about the fact that you have used drug store hair dyes or other home chemical treatments.  Your stylist isn’t asking to judge you, they are asking because it can affect the outcome of any new treatment on your hair if they aren’t properly informed.


Yes, you should tip your stylist.  I’m not really sure why people get confused about whether or not you are supposed to tip a hair stylist/esthetician etc., but they do, and yes it is courteous to do so.  The standard is 15-20%, depending on what you are comfortable with and how happy you are with the results.  It is also nice to give $1-$3 if there is an assistant that has done your shampoo, blowdry etc.


Don’t feel obligated to talk.  Chatting and getting your hair done go very well together, but if you don’t enjoy that don’t feel like you have to talk just because.  Stylists usually chat all day long, so it is a bit of a nice break if a client just wants to enjoy the experience in a bit of silence.


Don’t talk on your cellphone.  Trying to cut/colour hair when a phone is glued to someone’s ear is not an ideal situation, plus the entire salon doesn’t need to hear a one sided conversation.  Try and save phone calls till after you are done, and maybe just stick to texting if you have to.  Also, turn the ringer off and stick it on vibrate…..For the record, this rule applies to stylists as well! It is incredibly unprofessional and rude to even look at your cellphone when you are in the presence of a client.


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Helmet Head

One of my absolute favourite things to do is bike riding, but with the bicycle comes the dreaded helmet hair.  If you are using biking as a method of commuting to work, it is a bit trying to make sure that your hair comes out looking halfway decent and professional for the rest of the day.  So here are a few tips on products and styles for you, that will help your tresses out in battling the helmet.

The 4 main products that are going to help you the most are a dry shampoo, sea salt spray, a smoothing serum and hairspray.  The dry shampoo can be applied to your roots before you put your helmet on and will soak up any excess oil and sweat so your hair doesn’t get flattened from moisture.  Sea salt spray applied before you put your helmet on will help to give your hair some lasting texture and help to maintain your volume, it can also be applied after your ride if you are wearing your hair down to put some texture back in.  A smoothing serum will help to tame those flyaways and frizzies that your helmet may give you.  And hairspray of course will just help to hold that style in place.








Since we all can’t look as effortlessly cute as my little man does in his helmet, here are some style options that may work for you.

Low Side Swept Bun

This style is great for the helmet as it sits nice and low.  The great thing about this is it can be as sleek or as messy as you would like.

Tousled Mane

Dry Shampoo and the Sea Salt spray are going to be your friends here.  Style your hair and then pile it on your head messily with bobby pins, and release it once you take your helmet off to give your hair that tousled look.

Milk Maid Braid

This look works great because it keeps your hair looking polished even with the helmet.  Don’t worry too much if the helmet has messed your hair up a bit, because it will probably work with the style, plus it can be fixed up with just a little hairspray and smoothing serum.

Side Braid

You can choose your favourite braid to pull this look off, but prefer the fishtail as the messiness that the helmet may create will work in your favour.

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Top 5 Items for Fall 2012

I am on a bit of a roll here with the top 5 lists, so I figured why not one more.  I am quite excited about the fashion for this upcoming fall, as it finds a balance between cozy, sophisticated and a little bit of sass.  These items are 5 of my favourite picks from the trends that I have seen, and will be making their way into my closet.

1.  Cable Knit Sweater

What is more cozy in chilly weather than a cable knit sweater? I am quite excited that these will be readily available this fall.   I am sure that there will be a bevy of colours to choose from, but I love a classic cream or white for the cable knit sweater.

Carry Brochu Walker $295

A|Wear $59










2.  Jumpsuit

You are going to see some different versions of the jumpsuit this season with Bohemian prints, bold colours and a variety of cuts.  I love a flowy jumpsuit, but my favourite version that I have see popping up so far is a tailored version in neutral tones.  It is sophisticated, classy, flattering for a variety of body types and can be worn to work or for a night out.

Rachel Zoe $486

Mango $93










3. Red Shoe

This is probably one of my most favourite items, as it is bold and hot!  Imagine one of these sassy red shoes paired with the jumpsuits above, love it.  There will be a selection of reds from flats to pumps, and all will add a pop to your outfit and make you standout.

Luichiny $94

Aimee $70










4.  Military Coat

There will actually be several elements of military in everything from pants to boots, and my choice, the coat.  The military coat is a classic piece to add to your wardrobe and will not only keep you warm, but keep you looking chic with details of epaulets and double breasted tailoring.

Mango $155

Lipsy $125










5.  Slip Dress

The slip dress will be making its way into fall fashion, and will work as a fantastic layering piece.  Pair it up with your favourite tights, whether they are textured, bold coloured, or neutral and enjoy this throwback to grunge.

Free People $87

Coco’s Fortune $67


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5 Makeup Trends for Fall 2012

To followup on the Hair trends for Fall 2012, I thought I would pop in some upcoming makeup trends as well.  Now, I am not the most makeup savvy individual.  I have my favourite items that I use daily, and that is about it.  But, I do have to say that I am a fan of some of the techniques coming up as they are simple and pretty, which is my favourite makeup application.

1. Bold Brows

Bold brows don’t mean that you should totally put your tweezers away, but you can use them significantly less.  I have always loved the bold brow because it showcases one’s natural beauty.  If you don’t have a lot to work with up there, just use a eyebrow pencil to fill in the blanks.

J Mendel

2. Beautiful Browns

I find that browns in makeup are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up and smoky or dressed down and natural. Anyone can pull browns off, the key is to match your skin tone and decide whether or not to go for cooler tones or warmer tones.


3. Geometric Eyeliner

Geometric Eyeliner is definitely one of the bolder looks for the upcoming season.  I love the 60’s mod vibe that it brings and if you are one that likes to make a statement, this is one technique for you to try out.


4. Deep Red Lips

I think I am drawn to the deep red lip as it is a look I sported for a good portion of the 90’s.  It draws attention to your beautiful kisser and invokes a sense of drama.  Let your lips be the star, and go minimal on other features.


5.  Fresh and Natural

This is by far one of my favourite looks, as I am always drawn to anything that lets a person’s natural beauty shine through.  Rosy cheeks, rosy lips, and a little mascara will complete this look.  And if it takes you more than 5 mins to apply, you are doing too much.

Michael Kors


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Skin Tone & Hair Colour

I got a little nerdy and carried away on Excel and created this handy little chart for matching hair colour to your skin tone. It is just a general guide to what would best enhance what you already have.


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Beam Laser Clinic

 For all my Vancouver and Lower Mainland ladies & gents that have been considering laser hair removal, I would like to recommend Beam Laser Clinic to you.  Jennifer is a fantastic technician who provides a professional yet comfortable atmosphere, and more than favourable results.  I personally have absolutely loved the results of laser hair removal!

Beam Laser Clinic

Beam Laser Clinic Facebook

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Feeding Your Hair

I am hoping that absence make s the heart grow fonder (eep!).  I have been busy with other projects (which I will show you some of soon) and have neglected the blog terribly, but will get back on track here as I have a backlog of posts to edit and get up.

So today, I have some information on the benefits of nutrition and diet in regards to your hair.  Most of these foods are also know as ‘Super Foods’ and have so many benefits to your entire well-being, not just your hair.

Wild Salmon

High in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your scalp, Vitamins B and 12-produce red blood cells which carry oxygen to follicles.


Tons of protein, Vitamins B5, B12 & D, Sulfur which increases your circulation and can promote hair growth


Contains Lignans which have antioxidants that help hair texture and flexibility, also have omega 3 fatty acids


Has Protein, Iron, Zinc, Biotin (lack of Biotin can result in brittle hair), Folate, B6


Has Folate which replenish hair cells (folate deficiency can trigger hair loss and early greying), Iron, Magnesium and Zinc (prevents inflammation of hair follicles)

Olive Oil

Contains Polyphenols which control inflammation of the hair follicles (a concern as you get older)

Grain Fed Beef

Lots of Bio-Available Iron which boosts your immune system; poor immune systems can lead to hair loss.

Greek Yogurt

Have Probiotics “the good bacteria” which also boost your immune system


Lots of Biotin which can strengthen weak hair


Zinc (anti-inflammatory) and fatty acids (healthy scalp)

And just one last note, as many of you are probably starting ‘bikini diets’ for the summer; Extreme Dieting can lead your body to believe that you are malnourished and as a result hair loss can occur.  So do try to maintain a healthy balanced diet (try to use the foods above) and be sure to keep healthy fats in your diet such as avocado, almonds and olive oil.


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