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Alone Up There

Hey there folks.

Just wanted to do a shout out today for an excellent indie documentary by Sean Patrick Shaul that you all should really check out called Alone Up There.  If you love Stand-up comedy like I do, you will definitely dig this film and all of funny folk interviewed in it. And if you Click Here, you will be directed to a page in which you can download it for only $7!

It is currently debuting on screen in the States right now, so if I have any people in Albuquerque, New Mexico out there, it is currently showing at the Guild Cinema Theater until Saturday.

Contains interviews with:
Peter Anthony, Matt Billon, Alonzo Bodden, Mark Breslin, Eddie Brill, Claire Brosseau, Kelly Carlin, Jerry Corley, Roman Danylo, Greg Dean, Marke Driesschen, Darren Frost, Erik Griffin, Toby Hargrave, John Heffron, Jeremy Hotz, Ron James, Danielle Kasen, Moshe Kasher, Simon King, Darryl Lenox, Richard Lett, Jay London, Mike MacDonald, Donovan Patrick Mahoney, Marc Maron, Joe Matarese, Rick Overton, Eddie Pepitone, Paul Scheer, Iliza Shlesinger, Randy and Jason Sklar, Bobby Slayton, Brody Stevens, Ryan Stout, Jeff Ullrich

Here is the Alone Up There trailer for ya


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Just because I am feeling extra nerdy and extra bored this evening, I have resorted to collaging….and as a result of doing this, I am now determined to bring back the wrist fanny pack.


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Inspired by Ke$ha’s recent hair stud no-no, I have decided to post some celebrity hairstyles that are better left in the past.  Meh, what can I say, I’m feeling a little catty tonight.

Now, I am most definitely not innocent in this area of bad hair history, and I can rank right up there with some of these folks!  So, it is only fair that I give you the link to my history if you have not seen it already.  Here is the past post of my Chronicles of Hairnia

The inspiration for this post, Ke$ha who decided to shave the side of her head and replace her hair with metal studs.  In all fairness, did we expect anything different from her?

Ke$ha 2012

Apparently a poodle died from choking on a crow and decided to rest itself upon Mena’s head.

Mena Suvari 2010

Sorry Twihards, but this angsty hipster hair is just plain annoying.  Cough….Team Jacob….Cough

Robert Pattinson 2008

Nicole Ritchie often has some of my favourite hair nowadays, but remember the Simple Life days? Yeah, you’re right, let’s not.

Nicole Ritchie 2003

Bangs that are triple the length of your forehead are a no go, it looks like a comb over.

Fergie 2005

Hey guys, did somebody say comb over? We all know this shit is not going anywhere ever

Donald Trump 2008

Shockingly, it’s not even the worst thing that Kate ever did

Kate Gosselin 2008

You know, I’m actually not totally anti mullet, as there are modern shag cuts that some edgy ladies can really pull off….Scar-Jo, not so much.  This really did nothing for her.

Scarlett Johansson 2003

And last but not least….Hey, it is hair.

Julia Roberts 1999

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Chronicles of Hairnia

In recent years my hair has pretty much stayed within the zone of long layers and some shade of brunette, occasionally tossing in some bangs here and there.  But it was not always this way! I had about 10 years of every cut and colour you could imagine while going through some unfortunate raving and alternative phases.  I did this all with the help of some very creative and patient (due to my unrest and need to change every other week) hairdressers.

So, I thought it would be fun to share some bits of my Chronicles of Hairnia with you.  The funny thing is that this doesn’t even touch on the number of hair changes I had, because most of my hair changes happened pre digital cameras and pictures weren’t snapped as freely….yeah I am getting that old.  Should I ever find a picture of my Joan Jett hair, my smurf blue hair, or the hot pink with the ‘steps’ cut into my bangs, I will update the page some more.  Enjoy.


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Retro Hair Ads

I am a complete nut for ‘old junk’! One of my favourite places in the Lower Mainland is Antique Alley in New Westminster, and I could spend hours just trifling through all of the hidden treasures that they have.  My main thing that I collect over anything else is old magazines, books, publications etc.  I have a fairly extensive pre 1970’s Playboy collection, Teen Beats from the 1950’s, vintage Cosmopolitans and Vogues, a news paper from the day they landed on the moon (allegedly lol) and so much more.  My next goal is to start collecting YM’s from the 80’s and 90’s, as they were my bible when I was a teenager and I absolutely kick myself from not hanging onto any from the 4 years that I had a subscription.

I was flipping through one of the old  Cosmos the other day and was giggling at all of the ridiculous beauty ads.  And by ridiculous, I mean cheesy, unrealistic and it still makes me want to buy the item. So I started researching to see what kind of fun retro hair ads I could find, and these are my favourites.  They possess just the right amount of humour and creepiness to make me want all of the items advertised.

Teen Magazine - 1972

Mademoiselle - April 1970

Comic Book - 1954

Popular Mechanics

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper - June 1881

Listerine Mouthwash - Dandruff Remover 1930

Armand's Hair Restorer - 1898

Vitalis Hair Tonic - 1955

Eugene, Ltd.'s - 1932

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