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Top 5 Items for Fall 2012

I am on a bit of a roll here with the top 5 lists, so I figured why not one more.  I am quite excited about the fashion for this upcoming fall, as it finds a balance between cozy, sophisticated and a little bit of sass.  These items are 5 of my favourite picks from the trends that I have seen, and will be making their way into my closet.

1.  Cable Knit Sweater

What is more cozy in chilly weather than a cable knit sweater? I am quite excited that these will be readily available this fall.   I am sure that there will be a bevy of colours to choose from, but I love a classic cream or white for the cable knit sweater.

Carry Brochu Walker $295

A|Wear $59










2.  Jumpsuit

You are going to see some different versions of the jumpsuit this season with Bohemian prints, bold colours and a variety of cuts.  I love a flowy jumpsuit, but my favourite version that I have see popping up so far is a tailored version in neutral tones.  It is sophisticated, classy, flattering for a variety of body types and can be worn to work or for a night out.

Rachel Zoe $486

Mango $93










3. Red Shoe

This is probably one of my most favourite items, as it is bold and hot!  Imagine one of these sassy red shoes paired with the jumpsuits above, love it.  There will be a selection of reds from flats to pumps, and all will add a pop to your outfit and make you standout.

Luichiny $94

Aimee $70










4.  Military Coat

There will actually be several elements of military in everything from pants to boots, and my choice, the coat.  The military coat is a classic piece to add to your wardrobe and will not only keep you warm, but keep you looking chic with details of epaulets and double breasted tailoring.

Mango $155

Lipsy $125










5.  Slip Dress

The slip dress will be making its way into fall fashion, and will work as a fantastic layering piece.  Pair it up with your favourite tights, whether they are textured, bold coloured, or neutral and enjoy this throwback to grunge.

Free People $87

Coco’s Fortune $67



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5 Makeup Trends for Fall 2012

To followup on the Hair trends for Fall 2012, I thought I would pop in some upcoming makeup trends as well.  Now, I am not the most makeup savvy individual.  I have my favourite items that I use daily, and that is about it.  But, I do have to say that I am a fan of some of the techniques coming up as they are simple and pretty, which is my favourite makeup application.

1. Bold Brows

Bold brows don’t mean that you should totally put your tweezers away, but you can use them significantly less.  I have always loved the bold brow because it showcases one’s natural beauty.  If you don’t have a lot to work with up there, just use a eyebrow pencil to fill in the blanks.

J Mendel

2. Beautiful Browns

I find that browns in makeup are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up and smoky or dressed down and natural. Anyone can pull browns off, the key is to match your skin tone and decide whether or not to go for cooler tones or warmer tones.


3. Geometric Eyeliner

Geometric Eyeliner is definitely one of the bolder looks for the upcoming season.  I love the 60’s mod vibe that it brings and if you are one that likes to make a statement, this is one technique for you to try out.


4. Deep Red Lips

I think I am drawn to the deep red lip as it is a look I sported for a good portion of the 90’s.  It draws attention to your beautiful kisser and invokes a sense of drama.  Let your lips be the star, and go minimal on other features.


5.  Fresh and Natural

This is by far one of my favourite looks, as I am always drawn to anything that lets a person’s natural beauty shine through.  Rosy cheeks, rosy lips, and a little mascara will complete this look.  And if it takes you more than 5 mins to apply, you are doing too much.

Michael Kors


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5 Hair Trends for Fall 2012

I have been fairly absent from this page, but will try and be a little more regular.  I have been a bit busy crafting some jewelry, which you can find here The Mane Squeeze Etsy Shop

August is one of my favourite months as the season change of fashion occurs, which means you get to enjoy all the sales of Spring & Summer stock as well as see all of the new fall items come in.  I am loving the upcoming fashion for fall 2012, and these are 5 of my favourite hair trends that you will see (and hopefully try out).

1.  The Blunt Bang

I find over the past few years, this trend always seems to come around in the fall as women are usually craving a bit of change to match the turning of seasons and a strong bang is a good way to make a bold change without chopping all your locks off.  Plus bangs are annoying in the summer heat, so if you are toying with the idea at all, you are ready to go once it cools off.

Elie Saab

2.  Low Volume

The low volume look embraces a 70’s Boho vibe, and is fantastically low maintenance.  The best way to achieve this look is to firstly get a good cut with layers and make sure you keep your ends trimmed to avoid split ends (which can add volume).  You can squeeze the excess moisture out with a towel and let your hair air dry to help achieve this look.  If you do want to blowdry, make sure you blowdry downwards in the direction of the hair growth.


3.  Bouffant

The bouffant is being carried over from the Spring/Summer looks, but this version is a bit more relaxed and a little bit messy.  Make sure to use a good volume gel or mousse before blowdrying and use a nice round brush.  For the teasing portion, patience and sections will be your friend here for a strong hold bouffant.


4.  Tidy Pony

A tidy pony is a simple and sleek look, good for day or night.  This pretty ‘do can be a bit difficult to get perfect, so use a fine tooth comb and a serum to tame those stray hairs.  For an extra touch, take a section of hair and wrap it around the elastic.

Jil Sander

5. Ornate Hair Clips

Ornate hair clips will work great with the bouffant and low volume looks.  You will see lots on the shelves this fall, but if you really want to get creative, head down to Michaels and see what you can do with your own creations.


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End of the Rainbow

One of the trends that I am loving as of lately is Rainbow Tips! This style provides a fun pop of colour into your hair and allows you to go as extreme or subtle as you like, and your colour palette is endless.

Here are some celebrities that have jumped on this trend (or helped to create it :))

Jessie J

Carrie Underwood

Kylie Jenner

Gabriella Ellis

Kate Bosworth

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Colour Blocking

Colour blocking has been a trend that has made its way through the decades.  In the sixties it was YSL’s Mondrian dress. In the seventies it was muted patchwork.  In the eighties it was glammed up with sequins and boxy silhouettes.  And in the nineties it was blocks of bright neon.

If you go into any stores, or open any magazines right now you will see that colour blocking is currently a huge trend and is being used with bold colours of the upcoming seasons, in many forms.








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Hat Wishlist

One of my goals for the Spring & Summer seasons approaching us is to try and pull off wearing hats more.  Throughout winter months, I am always sporting beanies and the occasional felt fedora or cloche, but for some reason I stop once summer approaches. There are 2 reasons I want to start sporting them with sunnier months.  One is to protect the old skin from the sun as I have started to embrace my pale porcelain complexion in the recent years. And the Second reason is that I have a hard time getting my little guy to keep hats on his head, so I’m hoping to lead by example and he will follow.  Plus, what is easier than tossing on a hat on those days that your hair is being less than cooperative.

This is my hat wishlist.  My favourite is the HTC fedora.  Do you have any favourites for the upcoming sunny season?

Goorin Bros. Da Fraaanch Porkpie Hat - $54

Acapulco Raffia Shapeable Straw Cowboy Hat - $38

Eugenia Kim Marine Linen Flat Hat - $160

Goorin Bros. Eden Floppy Hat- $49

HTC Straw Sorbet Bandana Fedora - $245





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Cultural Inspiration

A little bit of hair inspiration pulled from cultures and traditions around the globe.  I absolutely love the Maasai Warrior hair! And apparently all Himba women are supermodels.


Japanese Samurai


Maasai Warrior


Togo Women
















Mormon Women

Fundamentalist Mormon


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