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Helmet Head

One of my absolute favourite things to do is bike riding, but with the bicycle comes the dreaded helmet hair.  If you are using biking as a method of commuting to work, it is a bit trying to make sure that your hair comes out looking halfway decent and professional for the rest of the day.  So here are a few tips on products and styles for you, that will help your tresses out in battling the helmet.

The 4 main products that are going to help you the most are a dry shampoo, sea salt spray, a smoothing serum and hairspray.  The dry shampoo can be applied to your roots before you put your helmet on and will soak up any excess oil and sweat so your hair doesn’t get flattened from moisture.  Sea salt spray applied before you put your helmet on will help to give your hair some lasting texture and help to maintain your volume, it can also be applied after your ride if you are wearing your hair down to put some texture back in.  A smoothing serum will help to tame those flyaways and frizzies that your helmet may give you.  And hairspray of course will just help to hold that style in place.








Since we all can’t look as effortlessly cute as my little man does in his helmet, here are some style options that may work for you.

Low Side Swept Bun

This style is great for the helmet as it sits nice and low.  The great thing about this is it can be as sleek or as messy as you would like.

Tousled Mane

Dry Shampoo and the Sea Salt spray are going to be your friends here.  Style your hair and then pile it on your head messily with bobby pins, and release it once you take your helmet off to give your hair that tousled look.

Milk Maid Braid

This look works great because it keeps your hair looking polished even with the helmet.  Don’t worry too much if the helmet has messed your hair up a bit, because it will probably work with the style, plus it can be fixed up with just a little hairspray and smoothing serum.

Side Braid

You can choose your favourite braid to pull this look off, but prefer the fishtail as the messiness that the helmet may create will work in your favour.


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