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Signature Hair

The following are my top 10 picks for signature hair that has aided its celebrities in skyrocketing to fame.  With some of these folks, their hair has had such an impact in pop culture, that you really have to wonder if they would have made it as big as they did if they didn’t sport these looks.

1.  The Rachel

2. Bieber Swoop

3.  Bardot Bump

4.  Beckham Fauxhawk

5.  Farrah Feathers

6.  Kenny G Curls

7.  Posh Bob

8.  Russell’s Rocker Shag

9.  Twiggy Pixie

10.  Fabio’s Long Locks


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End of the Rainbow

One of the trends that I am loving as of lately is Rainbow Tips! This style provides a fun pop of colour into your hair and allows you to go as extreme or subtle as you like, and your colour palette is endless.

Here are some celebrities that have jumped on this trend (or helped to create it :))

Jessie J

Carrie Underwood

Kylie Jenner

Gabriella Ellis

Kate Bosworth

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Inspired by Ke$ha’s recent hair stud no-no, I have decided to post some celebrity hairstyles that are better left in the past.  Meh, what can I say, I’m feeling a little catty tonight.

Now, I am most definitely not innocent in this area of bad hair history, and I can rank right up there with some of these folks!  So, it is only fair that I give you the link to my history if you have not seen it already.  Here is the past post of my Chronicles of Hairnia

The inspiration for this post, Ke$ha who decided to shave the side of her head and replace her hair with metal studs.  In all fairness, did we expect anything different from her?

Ke$ha 2012

Apparently a poodle died from choking on a crow and decided to rest itself upon Mena’s head.

Mena Suvari 2010

Sorry Twihards, but this angsty hipster hair is just plain annoying.  Cough….Team Jacob….Cough

Robert Pattinson 2008

Nicole Ritchie often has some of my favourite hair nowadays, but remember the Simple Life days? Yeah, you’re right, let’s not.

Nicole Ritchie 2003

Bangs that are triple the length of your forehead are a no go, it looks like a comb over.

Fergie 2005

Hey guys, did somebody say comb over? We all know this shit is not going anywhere ever

Donald Trump 2008

Shockingly, it’s not even the worst thing that Kate ever did

Kate Gosselin 2008

You know, I’m actually not totally anti mullet, as there are modern shag cuts that some edgy ladies can really pull off….Scar-Jo, not so much.  This really did nothing for her.

Scarlett Johansson 2003

And last but not least….Hey, it is hair.

Julia Roberts 1999

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