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Salon Etiquette

When it comes to Salon Etiquette, I think that some people get a little confused or just really don’t even know.  So here are a few friendly tips to help you out.  Let me know if you have anything to add!

Be on time, a little early even.  When you show up late to an appointment you are not only inconveniencing the stylist but also the other clients that come in after you, because it has a tendency to have a domino effect.  If you do show up late and your stylist informs you that will have to reschedule, you need to respect that decision.  Ideally you want to show up a few minutes earlier, so that the assistants/reception can get you prepped. If you can not make it to your appointment, make sure you call the salon.  What you want to give is at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment, so that it gives the stylist the opportunity to fill that spot up.  And whatever you do, don’t no show!  It may not cost you anything to not show up, but it is money out of your stylist’s pocket.  If an emergency comes up and it is last-minute, give the salon a courtesy call and explain the situation so that the stylist can at least be open for a walk-in client.


Be honest about your hair history.  Don’t lie to your stylist about what chemicals you have used on your hair previous to your visit.  There is no need to be embarrassed about the fact that you have used drug store hair dyes or other home chemical treatments.  Your stylist isn’t asking to judge you, they are asking because it can affect the outcome of any new treatment on your hair if they aren’t properly informed.


Yes, you should tip your stylist.  I’m not really sure why people get confused about whether or not you are supposed to tip a hair stylist/esthetician etc., but they do, and yes it is courteous to do so.  The standard is 15-20%, depending on what you are comfortable with and how happy you are with the results.  It is also nice to give $1-$3 if there is an assistant that has done your shampoo, blowdry etc.


Don’t feel obligated to talk.  Chatting and getting your hair done go very well together, but if you don’t enjoy that don’t feel like you have to talk just because.  Stylists usually chat all day long, so it is a bit of a nice break if a client just wants to enjoy the experience in a bit of silence.


Don’t talk on your cellphone.  Trying to cut/colour hair when a phone is glued to someone’s ear is not an ideal situation, plus the entire salon doesn’t need to hear a one sided conversation.  Try and save phone calls till after you are done, and maybe just stick to texting if you have to.  Also, turn the ringer off and stick it on vibrate…..For the record, this rule applies to stylists as well! It is incredibly unprofessional and rude to even look at your cellphone when you are in the presence of a client.


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Skin Tone & Hair Colour

I got a little nerdy and carried away on Excel and created this handy little chart for matching hair colour to your skin tone. It is just a general guide to what would best enhance what you already have.


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Feeding Your Hair

I am hoping that absence make s the heart grow fonder (eep!).  I have been busy with other projects (which I will show you some of soon) and have neglected the blog terribly, but will get back on track here as I have a backlog of posts to edit and get up.

So today, I have some information on the benefits of nutrition and diet in regards to your hair.  Most of these foods are also know as ‘Super Foods’ and have so many benefits to your entire well-being, not just your hair.

Wild Salmon

High in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your scalp, Vitamins B and 12-produce red blood cells which carry oxygen to follicles.


Tons of protein, Vitamins B5, B12 & D, Sulfur which increases your circulation and can promote hair growth


Contains Lignans which have antioxidants that help hair texture and flexibility, also have omega 3 fatty acids


Has Protein, Iron, Zinc, Biotin (lack of Biotin can result in brittle hair), Folate, B6


Has Folate which replenish hair cells (folate deficiency can trigger hair loss and early greying), Iron, Magnesium and Zinc (prevents inflammation of hair follicles)

Olive Oil

Contains Polyphenols which control inflammation of the hair follicles (a concern as you get older)

Grain Fed Beef

Lots of Bio-Available Iron which boosts your immune system; poor immune systems can lead to hair loss.

Greek Yogurt

Have Probiotics “the good bacteria” which also boost your immune system


Lots of Biotin which can strengthen weak hair


Zinc (anti-inflammatory) and fatty acids (healthy scalp)

And just one last note, as many of you are probably starting ‘bikini diets’ for the summer; Extreme Dieting can lead your body to believe that you are malnourished and as a result hair loss can occur.  So do try to maintain a healthy balanced diet (try to use the foods above) and be sure to keep healthy fats in your diet such as avocado, almonds and olive oil.


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10 Hair Myths

Here are some of the common hair myths debunked for you.

1.  Frequent trims make your hair grow faster

Your hair on average will grow about a 1/2 inch each month, with a cut or without.  What may make you feel like it is growing faster with frequent trims is that healthy ends are going to look better and hang better, whereas damaged ends will have a more frizzy look.

2.  You can mend split ends

Unfortunately once the ends of your hair are split, that is it.  There are hair products that you can use to temporarily
bond your ends like a pomade or glossy serum, but essentially the only way to get rid of split ends is to trim them off.  Regular trims are great preventative action.

3.  Brushing your hair 100 times a day gives you silky hair that grows faster

As stated before, your hair is going to grow about 1/2 inch each month regardless of what you do.  And brushing this frequently can actually cause cuticle damage and pull hair out of the follicles.

4.  Switching your shampoo makes your hair healthier

It is believed that you need to switch your shampoo frequently as your hair builds up a tolerance to your shampoo.  This is false, and while you may find your hair has more build up than usual, it is most likely due to  other products you are using in your hair.  Using a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month will take care of that build up.

5.  Plucking gray hairs causes 2 or 3 to grow in its place

This is not true, but don’t let that encourage you to pluck those grays out.  Plucking hairs can cause damage to your roots and even cause infection.  Just embrace it, or you can opt for colour coverage.

6.  You can’t dye your hair while pregnant

There have been no conclusive studies to prove that dying your hair while pregnant does any harm to your baby.  However, it is a personal choice for you to make, and if you have any inquiries then consult your doctor.  What you may find though, is that the change in your hormones can affect the oils distributed in your hair and it can change the outcome in your colour, your skin may be a little more sensitive than usual and the smells aren’t that fantastic to be around with super heightened pregnancy senses.

7.  If you shampoo less often your scalp will gradually produce less oil

Shampoo or not, your sebaceous glands are going to produce the same amount of oil.  If you find your hair to be excessively oily, make sure you are giving your scalp a good scrub and if you are truly concerned then it is best to consult your doctor.  It is important to keep your scalp clean as the dirt and oil can buildup on the scalp and hair follicles and cause infection and even stunt hair growth.

8.  Drugstore products are the same quality as salon products

Salon products generally contain higher quality ingredients that are designed to provide more consistent results.  The quality ingredients found in salon products are not usually found in drugstore brands, and drugstore brands will often use cheap fillers leaving unnecessary buildup on your hair.

9.  Comb hair from top to bottom

It is traditionally shown that hair is combed from the top to bottom, but by doing this you can pull hairs out of the follicle and cause damage to the cuticle.  To best work out the annoying knots in your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up.

10.  Shaving hair makes it grow back thicker

This is not true.  When you shave you are cutting the hair off at a thicker part, so when it grows back it may seem like the hair has thickened, but it is actually just the blunt tip growing out giving that illusion.


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A Few of my Favourite Things

The following are my absolute all time favourite products that I will have on hand and/or always recommend. These have stood the test of time against me trying many many other products….and I still will keep trying other products, as I am a product junky….but, these have always come out on top for me.  I think they are all well worth the money and dependable for getting the job done, what more can you ask for.

What are your favourite products? Please let me know in the comments, as I always like to try new ones.


AG Recoil Curl Activator

AG Recoil Curl Activator is by far my favourite curl product out there to date.  Now keep in mind, I do not have any curls, and have always struggled a bit in styling other people’s curls, but this product has made it tons easier for me to do.  All you have to do is take a small amount and run it through your damp curls and then either diffuse it, or scrunch it up and air dry it.  The beauty of this product in comparison to using a mousse or a gel is that it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy.  What you get is beautiful soft curls and waves that are frizz free! And it is Vancouver made!

Retails for about $18


Sebastian Potion No. 9 Lite

Sebastian Potion No.9 Lite is a spray in conditioning product that uses feather light polymers to leave your hair manageable and not weighed down.  Sebastian also makes a stronger version, but I find that ‘lite’ gets the job done pretty well.  I know there are several other products out there that do this job as well, and the big one right now is Moroccan Oil, which I tried and I do like, but even the lite version of it had my hair feeling fairly greasy (my hair is sensitive to that kind of stuff).  Sebastian Potion No.9 Lite is the one that I always go back to as it leaves my hair feeling soft and natural.

Retails for about $14


AG Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo

I have had a few platinum moments in my life and AG Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo has always done the best job for keeping the brass out of the equation.  When my hair was getting extra brassy I would take some of the shampoo and comb into my dry hair, leave it on for a few minutes and then washed it out.  Instant toner!  For regular use you only need to use it as needed, and once a week usually does the job.  And once again AG is a Vancouver based company which is fantastic.

Retails for about $14



Sebastian Shaper Plus

As far as I am concerned nothing can beat Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray, and other hairsprays strive to be like it.  This hairspray provides a firm hold but leaves the hair flexible and workable.  Best of all, it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy and flaky.  This is the hair product that my man uses, and he hates feeling like there is product in his hair.  And with this hairspray, a little bit goes a long way so just a couple spritzes will do the job.  It is versatile in holding everything from an elaborate updo to taming those stubborn baby hairs that just won’t stay down.

Retails for about $17



Rusk Being Undressed Gloss

Rusk Being Undressed Gloss is possibly my favourite product by far.  I often just refer to it by the name of ‘pretty hair’, because that is essentially what it does for you.  I finish almost all styles with this product by just taking a very small amount rubbing in between my hands and running my fingers through the hair.  It provides a glossy finish, tames those frizzies, and gives the hair a healthy and polished look.  The best part of all is that you won’t even be able to tell there is anything in your hair, except for the fact that it makes your hair smell good. The small tub of it will last you a super long time as you really don’t need to use that much.

Retails for about $13


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Hair Routine Dos and Don’ts

Here are 5 dos and don’ts of your ‘get ready’ routine from start to finish.  The don’ts are all fairly common ones, but with a few simple changes I think you will find your hair reaping the benefits.

Shampoo & Conditioner Routine

Don’t just plop the shampoo & conditioner down on your hair, and then immediately wash it out.  By doing this, you are actually misusing the product and not getting the full benefits of what they could be doing for your hair.

Do scrub your shampoo in.  Shampoo is meant to clean both your hair and scalp, but the scalp is often neglected in the whole process.  Use your fingers to suds that shampoo up and stimulate your scalp.  By doing so, you will most likely find that you don’t need to shampoo as often, after giving your head a proper scrub.

Do treat yourself to a conditioning massage.  Before you apply your conditioner, wring your hair out as the water often acts as a barrier between the product and your hair.  And then spend a few extra seconds and really massage it into your hair so it can work its moisturizing magic.  I often leave it in while I shave my legs.

Towel Drying

Don’t shake your hair about with the towel.  By roughing your hair up like that, you are sending your poor cuticles into a frizzle frazzle frenzy….perhaps too much Dr.Seuss lately.  There are better ways to go about your pre-dry that will leave your hair less damaged.

Do squeeze the moisture out with the towel.  Move the towel in a downward motion moving down the hair shaft.  What this does is flattens your hair cuticle and makes smooth and happy hair.

Wet Hair

Don’t use a brush on your wet hair.  The bristles can be quite harsh on your wet hair and cause breakage.  Your hair’s elasticity is pretty vulnerable when wet so you need to be gentler.

Do invest in a wide tooth comb.  A wide tooth comb will detangle your hair in a far gentler way, and you will actually find it easier to brush through your knotted wet hair with one.  If your hair gets extra tangled, invest in a leave in conditioner.


Don’t blowdry against the direction of the cuticle, as it will create unwanted frizz.  Also, it is not always necessary to blowdry on the highest heat and fastest speed.  Those settings put your hair at a higher risk for damage.

Do blowdry in a downward motion along the hair shaft to smooth and seal in the cuticle.  Also, do a pre-blowdry using your fingers only before starting the use of a brush for your style (see above). For the curly haired individuals, use a diffuser on low speed and don’t touch your hair, just let it fall into the diffuser.  The use of a heat protector is quite useful to guard your hair as well.

Flat Iron/Curl Iron

Don’t rush and use your hot tools on damp/wet hair, and taking hair sections in big chunks.  I know that it sometimes takes a lot of time to do the full process, but by jumping the gun on using a hot tool on your damp hair, you can cause damage to both your hair and your flat iron/curl iron…or crimper if you are still going there.  As stated before, your hair is far more vulnerable when wet. That sizzling sound is not a positive one.

Do wait until hair is fully dry before using the flat iron/curling iron.  Also, you are going to find the best results from taking small sections of hair at a time.  It may seem time consuming to do this but you will only have to go over a section once as opposed to working on the same chunk for a few times.  Once again, a heat protector spray will benefit your hair here.

Hope some of these helped you! Let me know if you see some changes in your hair from switching to some Dos.


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Rusk Deepshine Review

For the month of February, Cosmoprof has had a ton of Rusk promos which has been quite lovely.  With the purchase of my colour this month I received a ton of goodies from the Rusk Deepshine line including shampoo (sulfate free), conditioner, protective serum and lusterizer cream.  My hair has been extra dry and crappy lately, so I thought it would be an ideal time to give these products a try and review them for you.

So as you can see my ends look fairly frazzled and in general my hair just has an overall dullness to it.


I was a little nervous because although my hair was dry, it is fairly sensitive to heavy products and can cross into the greasy stage fairly quick.

I used the Shampoo and Conditioner, then after my hair was towel dried I put the lustre throughout and then took the protective serum and applied to my ends only.  And voilà….


I gotta say, I am extremely pleased with the results.  My hair is not even remotely weighed down with product, it is smooth, it feels soft, it is shiny and it smells fantastic.  So all in all the Rusk Deepshine line gets a thumbs up from me!

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